Birth Doula

Baby Jake, born August 8, 2015

Baby Jake, born August 8, 2015

What is a Birth Doula?

When I was first asked to be my friends' birth partner, the first feeling that resonated with me was support. From attending their labour in May 2013 to completing my training in July 2013 with DONA, I feel that my care as a birth doula expands with informational support, emotional support, and physical support. I am here to provide support for the mother, partner, and the chosen birth team.


I would be honoured to provide birth doula services leading up to your labour, during your labour, and a postpartum visit. 

What can you expect?

- Phone and email support as needed before labour.

- Two pre-labour visits where I get to connect with you and your birthing plan.

- Two weeks of on-call hours around your due date to make sure that I am available for your birth.

- Emotional, Physical, and Informational support throughout your labour.

- One postpartum visit. 

Tanille's rate for a full birth doula service is $950.

More about Tanille

Tanille has been a caregiver since she was a big sister at age four to her younger sister Desiree. Since then Tanille has been a nurturer to many friends, colleagues, and communities. She continuously practices clear communication, peer support, and nourishing moments in all of her relationships. Tanille has also trained in Restorative Yoga and brings that relaxing, supportive experience to providing the best care as a birth doula. 


"Tanille is a caring, intuitive, nurturing person. She knew what to do for me in every moment, working from both her own knowledge as well as from a book of acupressure points. She had the stamina to last the whole three days of my labour and didn't falter, even in the final demanding hours. I will certainly have Tanille back at my next birth and would definitely recommend having Tanille as a doula for your birth." - Liz Kirkland

"My wife Liz's labour lasted three days. I can't imagine how I would have managed being the sole birth partner. Tanille and I swapped between supporting Liz through contractions, and taking a breather. Tanille gave me the breaks needed to sleep and eat. I even escaped for a short bike ride to clear my head. Her support was invaluable. She is a lifelong friend." -Shaun Jackman