Why? Why with your clothes off?

Along my way to becoming me, Tanille, in this moment (one who is pictured nude occasionally) has been asked today, "If you are so passionate about helping people in that way, why do you have to do it with your clothes off?" This is from a person that is worried about my future, and that because I am an erotic artist, community sexuality activist, and teacher, that in these methods of helping the world, that I am destroying my future employment and the future of my unborn children by being nude in photos.

Really? While I won't attack the reason that this person is worried for my well being, these concerns of mine don't exist. So, yes, I won't be able to work at certain places in mainstream society because I have decided to focus my art, work, and life around healthy human sexuality. But isn't that the reason I should be fighting this fight? I am a wonderful hardworking person and just because I have some chosen nude photographs of myself on the internet or in my book, shouldn't I also be allowed to apply my skills as a human in anyway for society if I am actually qualified for that position? I think so. And this is why I will continue to act and practice as this is the way the world is, because you know, that is the way I wish the world was. And, yes, I will probably at some point have really interesting, hard, and in depth conversations with my unborn children at many times in their life. But won't it be totally awesome to have a mom who doesn't act or feel shame around their body and sexuality? Won't that be a more positive impact rather than a negative one? If I start talking to them about the need of self pleasure, consent, and positive sexuality at early ages, won't that help prepare them to have conversations with friends, family, and chosen partners one day? I truly believe so. 

Now, to answer the question,  "If you are so passionate about helping people in that way, why do you have to do it with your clothes off?"

 photo by:  Chena San Martin

Well, there isn't just one answer. There isn't just, "Oh, I decided to get nude in front of a camera one night." No, these decisions to continually be expressive in the nude in front of a camera is a well thought out and felt out decision. Here are some of the reasons, I MUST take off my clothes in order to be myself and help people.

1) I love my body. I have no shame around my body. I am an "unconventional" body and I want to share that love with people so perhaps they too can see themselves within me, and be more comfortable in their own bodies.

2) It is political. I chose to do it. Yes, I am female and I made the choice for myself to express myself this way artistically.  And I really enjoy it. I have political body hair choices too. Armpit hair, leg hair, and yes, pubic hair. I feel the most beautiful when I am hairy and natural.  I want to challenge the media norms around body hair. I do not support photo-shopping my body. While my art partner does Photoshop images (say for example replicating thousands of Brussels Sprouts), I am clear that I don't want my shape edited. I don't want my colouring edited. Although, I did get in shit for having a sunburn one photo-shoot. Haha... But, burn and all, it went into the photos. Because this is who I am and I want an un-edited version of myself everywhere. 

3) One of the best ways to help people feel comfortable around me is to be vulnerable first. I want to be vulnerable to you all. I want to share my outside looks and inside feels so that we have a better chance to connect with one another. It has proven time and time again to be successful. 

4) I am a nudist. If you get to spend any real time around me, either socially at wreck breach or as an intimate lover, most people would notice that I am happier and I more comfortable when I am nude. I feel joy and free when I am naked. Why else would I think up of an idea for a nude yoga photo shoot for myself? Not many humans, let alone woman who are "unconventional looking" would ever want to see and feel their body naked in yoga shapes. I do. 

5) It is fun! Being nude and getting photographed how you desire is fucking fun! Have you done a boudoir shoot before? Well, I highly recommend it. 

Yes, I can help people with their sexual health with keeping my clothes on, but for the 5 reasons listed above and all the other thousands of meanings behind photos, I say that I help people more with my clothes off. Wouldn't you agree?

With Intrinsic Love,