My 46th Day of Pleasure

Oh hello! 

A few people have been wondering about my practicing pleasure this summer, so I thought I would blog a bit about it. 

Since July 18th, 2016 I have only acted in pleasure. That seems quite radical, doesn't it? And frankly impossible sounding... Well if anything, it has definitely been a vivid journey on learning about myself. My dislikes, pleasures, needs, and habits. I have been noticing my thought patterns, the way I interact within my relationships (friendships, family connections, and romantic ones too), and how I can change my context to support all of my feelings and actions within pleasure. Or just simply celebrate the fact I deserve more pleasure in life. 

So, first things first, what is pleasure to me? This itself has been an interesting journey. What is my true honest pleasures? What does Tanille find pleasurable? It started by looking at my basic needs in life. It started with living on my own for 5 weeks to figure out my habits and then ask the questions on how are these current habits supporting my pleasure? For example, my sleeping habits. For years I have not had any set sleeping schedules. I usually love being up late. This is a time where I can be creative while most of the world is resting. I love cycling late at night. I love exploring human connections at night. Now, here I was, on my own for 5 weeks to cultivate an honest, pleasurable way of sleeping, just for me. I started going to bed at 11 pm and waking up each morning at 7 am. This is very strange to me. Very foreign. But within days of this sleep schedule I noticed that my pleasure of sleeping was more consistent. It was nice to have a clear body system to be figured out. This new habit also allowed myself to find pleasure in my waking hours too! So now, take this idea of finding out true honest pleasure and apply it to all aspects of your life. Really get down to the bare skin. The uncomfortable. The already made up "pleasures" we have in our habits. Like what we eat, if we drink alcohol, how we connect with our loved ones? Everything we do... ask "Is this providing pleasure to me?" 

Within minutes of being around young humans, we can see their pleasure ooze all over. Like that we are all meant to act always and truly in pleasure. For example, when a kid is hungry, they will eat, because it brings them honest pleasure. Young humans will always want to play, learn and be curious in every moment. Then something happens... we start teaching them something else about pleasure. That pleasure is only acceptable if we have really earned it. We teach them that pleasure is frivolous. That pleasure can lead to bad, bad consequences. When I speak of pleasure, I am not talking about having the pleasure of drinking our faces off because we feel like it. I am talking about our genuine pleasure of being sober while learning what truly makes us happy, comfortable, curious, and engaged. A bottle of wine might makes us feel pleasure during one night, but it is hard on our bodies, and long term it doesn't forward our healthy pleasure stories. So, what would our young human selves seek in life if we acted in pleasure?

Another thing about this pleasure way of being... Doing the "have to's" in life, for example, like paying our bills can feel limiting. If we shift our context of "have to's" in life to pleasurable outcomes, we might find more satisfaction in our to do lists. I hate paying my phone bill. I always have hated it. Since I was 15 years old, I have grunted and moaned about paying so much for my cellular device. 46 days ago, I shifted my context around paying this dreaded bill. I now find pleasure paying this bill because I have realized how much joy and happiness I get from being able to connect to the people I love the most through this technology. So, pleasure abounds when we shift our context.

Now, you are still probably thinking, "What the hell Tanille, this is still too radical for me." Well, it is, but it is also worth a chance. I am still learning everyday on what my pleasures feel and look like. But I do know this, since my first day until now, I am more intimately connected to my true self, therefore able to connect with my world, my community, and my relationships a whole lot clearer and more powerfully. This has been a magical journey and I intend on continuing. 

These are just some of the things I have been doing, I will continue to share thoughts, feelings, and doings as I continue. 

With Intrinsic Love,