The Painted Cock Series

The first art exhibit was in Nanaimo, BC on April 16, 2016

The first art exhibit was in Nanaimo, BC on April 16, 2016

A Painted Cock Experience:

"When I first contacted Tanille to inquire about this project I was full of curiosity about the idea. As the time drew closer I was a mix of trepidation and intrigue but made the decision to flow with the process. 
I showed up cock in hand so to speak, ready to hand myself over to her artistic license and I was amazed by how kind and respectful she was as she explained the project more in depth. I felt calm and reassured that this was a co-creation and had much input into her vision for the piece. When the moment of truth came I felt a tinge of fear, however had stronger feelings of inspiration and bravery buttressed by the excitement Tanille had for the painting. 
During the painting all fear had vanished and had been replaced by the sheer enjoyment and freedom of being a part of a rather unique project. We conversed about a great many topics and when finished, we sat back and admired the piece we had created. I am honoured to have been a part of this project and look forward to seeing future pieces added to the series! " -B.W.

Project Description:


I'm not sure if you have heard about this project that I have been "working" on for the past year or so, but I welcome you to join in! 

This project started from a really fun night with one of my subleters over a year ago. He bought a copy of my book, and he wanted a breast stamp on my book, which I had been offering as an option when you buy a copy. Then, after he painted my breast and we stamped it on my book, he felt as though he should leave something for me behind, in exchange. So, I went to my bedroom and quickly found an unfinished painting I was working on, and I painted his lovely cock and balls and stamped them on the canvas. And voila, I have a finished painting. I also have been working on a poem to coincide with the painting about his "cock"/ his moments in my life. Since then I have been painting cocks!

So far, I have had friends, acquaintances, and past lovers model for me. It is not criteria for you to have been/are my lover. But there is trust and exploration involved. One of my friends asked, "do you want me flaccid or hard? or does it matter as the painting evolves?"  "Should I shave my balls for you, will that be better for the painting?" None of that matters to me. I just want to capture cocks, being cocks, ya know? But I also suggest you don't shave/trim the day of the painting. 

Anyways- this is where you possibly come in. I am always looking for more gents to participate. Are you interested and excited? Are you nervous and have questions? I would love to hear from you! Your names will not be used in this project, unless you desire.

Much love & in cocks, 

If you would like to purchase either postcards or 11X17 prints of the paintings you see above in the gallery, click here.