Tanille Geib

Lover of Humans


this...this is not love

This piece explores themes around abuse and love. Or abuse versus love. Or abusive love. Tanille weaves poetry, dialogue, monologue, and movement through a story of confused reality between two people. She is also collecting beautiful, inspiring snippets of healthy relationships. If you would like to share with her what your favourite trait, moment, or feeling about your partner please connect with her here

the fucking chickens aren't fucking anymore

This has been previously a monologue, performed by Liz Kirkland at Star Star Theatre's Fundraiser in February 2016. Tanille will be delving into expanding this piece to a larger one-woman show exploring themes of motherhood, vegan-ism, and society. 

Klimt's Women

Tanille is currently working on a play that explores two women characters of Klimt's Paintings, Medicine (in detail) and Hope II.  The Healer and The Mother, respectively, are linked by their power to care and heal. 

Another facet of this character study is the concept of the male gaze which is a tenet of Tanille’s work as an artist. How does it affect the subject and why? Since these women were painted by Gustav Klimt, a man who was known to father at least 14 children and have many relationships in addition to his steady female companion, how has that affected them in their current state? How do they change when we breath energy into them and give them a female voice? 

A 15 minute segment of Klimt's Women was performed at Judith Fair on May 10th & 11th, 2015 at Performance Works. A version of Hope II performed by Liz Kirkland was also featured at Troika Collective's fundraiser and Colliding Passions at The Beaumont in July 2015.