Sex Positive Book Club


Tanille is thrilled to be launching a Sex Positive Book Club at Island Sexual Health in Victoria, BC! This book club is meant for community to gather to celebrate human sexuality and learning through reading and discussion. We will be reading one book every couple of months and gathering to discuss and learn from each other. For the first few months, Tanille will curate a list of books that are sure to bring excitement and inspiration! Members of the book club will be able to suggest books going forward once we establish a routine.

Frisky Business at Island Sexual Health will be bringing in books so that we can purchase them at their location. Sometimes these books are tricky to find at regular book stores. We might even have a couple local authors join us along the way!

October 2017

Our first book club will be with Author Monica Meneghetti who just published her book, What The Mouth Wants

About the book: "As Monica becomes an adult, she discovers a part of her self that rebels against the rigours of her traditional upbringing. And as the layers of her sexuality are revealed she begins to understand that like herbs infusing a sauce with flavour, her differences add a delicious complexity to her life."

A passage from the book: 

I have already seen her — in the shower, head turned, face away

from me — I have already heard her pleasure — the melody of sung

sighs over the backbeat of water droplets — but I have never touched

her skin.

Now suddenly, skin. A fine, unfamiliar fabric of pores stretching

over breasts and folding over belly and tucking below buttocks.

She lies down and turns her back to me. Her back. I reach out then

pause, somehow afraid my fingers will leave marks on her. My hand

on her skin, so suddenly slow, so infinitesimally slow. There seems

so much of her, and my hand, so small to cover all. But one hand is

all I allow myself.