Tanille Geib

Lover of Humans

Yoga & Healing


Currently Tanille is working one-on-one with clients. This practice has been very rewarding and aligns with her beliefs and ways of teaching. She wants to intimately design workshops and classes for each person in their movement and healing journey.  She prefers to teach at people's home in their own comfort.

She is accepting one more client in the spring time either at 4pm or 5pm on Wednesday nights in Victoria, BC. If you would like to explore movement and healing with Tanille, please send her an email at tanille.geib@gmail.com 


Tanille was introduced to yoga 16 years ago by her Leadership & Physical Education Teacher, Trish Hardy. This passion has grown into a life practice. She has training in Restorative Yoga with Christopher Manansala. She is blessed to share her energy with other yogis in this inspiring West Coast community.

Currently she teaches yoga to private clients and community in Victoria, BC. 


"I have been taking restorative yoga lessons from Tanille for the past several months. Tanille seeks to understand the issues her clients face, develops a planned and integrated approach to instruction, clearly communicates concepts, and is very attentive to her client's progression and learning. She believes in what she does and makes learning fun and accesible. I would recommend Tanille to anyone who would like a gentle and effective approach to healing themselves for the long term." 

Thank you for the space & light & love: Chris Manansala, Shannon Cluff, Jennifer Clarke, Susan Van Zaig, Daniel Shaw, Chris Brandt, Sarah Jamieson, Andrea Spiegal, Andrew Clements, Elle Basten, Naomi Joy Gallagher, Nathalie Saunderson, Rich Reynolds, Chris Richardson, Julie Peters, Michael Whitfield, and Lindsay Reoch at YYoga. Also Vesna, Lana, and Charlotte at Open Door Yoga. And for the incredible community at Karma Teachers in Vancouver.