photo by:  MKM Photography

photo by: MKM Photography


Welcome to the #ConsentMatters program with Tanille Geib! Tanille is so proud and so excited to offer you many options to getting involved with consent culture in schools, communities, workplaces, events, and in your personal lives. She has been dedicating her work to ending sexualized violence through education, art, and support. Please feel free to connect with Tanille anytime to see which services work best for your community, school, event, or venue. Thank you to all the people and organizations that have paved such an important path for us to all follow because #ConsentMatters to us all.

photo by:  MKM Photography

photo by: MKM Photography

Hire a Consent Captain for your next event!

What is provided: Supporting security team, education moments to patrons, supporting any persons that have had harm done on site, resources for next steps outside of event, safer sex supplies.

Cost: Sliding Scale $90-$175/event

More info: Tanille Geib or a trained Consent Captain will be able to attend your event, check in with security team, door staff, bar staff on simple consent education. The consent captain will be able to welcome guests, and educate guests as requested. They will also be able to support (within safety personal safety limits) people who have been harmed at event, feeling uncomfortable, or check in with folks about how their behaviour has harmed folks and taking next steps. A consent captain will also have resources for next steps out in the community if guests shall need further support. Most consent captains will also have safer sex supplies to hand out, and trained in using the Naloxone kit for any overdoses that may occur at your event. Tanille will also provide feedback after the event on any significant learnings or happenings that took place after the event. Connect with Tanille here for booking.

Enthusiastic Consent Posters


Cost: Lover of Humans Brand $75

Custom Branding $250 11X17 (Sliding Scale options for Non-profits & community groups)

More info: Want to effectively educate the people in your space, community, or event? This poster will help set the tone of respect among guests and patrons as they move through your space. A great resource for learning and connection! Connect with Tanille here for booking.

Consent Chats at Events

What is provided: Tanille can present a nuanced concept of consent to your event and get your patrons stoked to be connecting with respect throughout your space. This education chat can be anywhere from 5-35mins.

Cost: $50-$200 (Sliding Scale dependant on time speaking)

More info: Tanille will work with you to determine what parts of consent can be presented to your patrons during the chat, specific to your event, tone of the night, and how you want to engage. This can be more fun, theatrical at times, or more focused as an education lecture. Connect with Tanille here for booking.

tanille geib consent training

#ConsentMatters Ambassador Training

What is provided: A 5 hr training (groups of 10-20) for participants wanting to learn more about consent culture, and to learn about practical skills on how to support consent culture at an event.

Cost: $500

More Info: Receive comprehensive training on how to support consent culture in your life, in your communities, and at events. Learn skills, tools, and resources on how to create a safer space. Connect with Tanille here for booking.

Consent Captain Training

What is provided: A 2-hour training focusing on setting tones of consent culture for an event, supporting people who have gone through harm, and providing feedback to people that have done harm if that is requested. (Groups of 5-8 people)

Cost: $500

More Info: People taking this training need to have previous consent training and/or education or volunteering or attended workshops led under the #ConsentMatters training opportunities. Connect with Tanille here for booking.

Consent Training for Security Teams & Nightclub Venues

What is provided: 30 min consultation, 2 hour workshop (groups of 10-25 participants), and 3 month follow up meeting to see how the training has impacted culture at venue and team.

Cost: $500

More Info: Bring consent culture to your venue and your security team! This training is particularly curated to share best practices for brining consent skills and tools to a nightclub team. Education around the aspects of Enthusiastic Consent, and  how to better support folks who have been harmed in your venue. Connect with Tanille here for booking.

Consent Training for Workplaces

What is provided: Consultation, 1.5hr-2.5 hr workshop, and 3 month follow up meeting.

Cost: $650

More info: Have Tanille Geib consult with your workplace to see in which ways consent could be more supported in your workplace, then Tanille will create a curated Consent 101 training for your workplace. This workshop can be for owners, managers, supervisors, employees, volunteers, guests, patrons, customers. It is important to have time to discuss particular examples happening currently and give effective support, so a minimum 1.5 hrs is ideal, with the best time allocated 2hrs-2.5hrs. After this, Tanille can consult further with your workplace to implement systems (consulting costs differ from workshop costs), and/or follow up in 3 months to see how training has been implemented. A consensual culture at work matters to all people accessing a space. Thank you for taking the time to truly shift culture for the better. Connect with Tanille here for booking.

tanille geib consent education

Consent Workshops

What is provided: A concise 2 hour consent workshop for groups of 10-25 participants.

Cost: $300-$650 (Sliding Scale lower end for non-profits and community groups)

More Info: Whether you are looking for a consent 101 workshop, or a deeply nuanced workshop option, these workshops can be tailored to any knowledge base of consent culture in your particular community. Tanille is always excited to get to know your audience and cultivate the perfect workshop. Connect with Tanille here for booking.

#ConsentMatters Presentations & Assemblies

What is provided: A very poignant 60 minute intro to cultivating enthusiastic consent through education, practicing skills, and some role playing by educators. This can be presented in large assemblies of 100-200 participants. Presentation can be for ages 12-25 years old.

Cost: $450-$650 (plus travel & accommodation needs outside of Greater Victoria, BC)

More Info: This 60 minute presentation is a crucial starting point to have consent culture come to your school or community. This will spark conversations in your school and community with learning about how we can all contribute to a safer, healthier life. This is usually followed up with smaller groups of specific consent workshops, posters, parent nights, educator training. This is a start for a school wide/community wide culture shift where everyone involved can benefit from this care, respect, and knowledge. Connect with Tanille here for booking.

tanille geib consent consulting

#ConsentMatters Consulting

What is provided: Depending on your needs, you can hire Tanille Geib as a consultant on your new safer spaces policies, consent education curriculum, or plans for community safety teams.

Cost: $90/hr (Sliding Scale options for non-profits & community groups)

More info: By hiring Tanille Geib, you will be provided with excellent knowledge, skills, tools, and resources for creating a consensual culture in your space, community, or event. Connect with Tanille here for booking.