Intimacy Coaching

What is an Intimacy Coach?

Tanille's  definition of an intimacy coach is someone who listens, understands, supports, and works on creating a healthy, sex positive relationship with yourself, your community and in your partnerships. If you have a desire to connect with yourself or others in a more courageous and intimate way, it starts with you wanting to discover more about you.

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Sessions can be individual or within partnerships. All humans are welcome to participate. Each process with Tanille will take a different amount of sessions and is entirely based on what you decide together. 

Tanille's Intimacy Coaching services are sliding scale $75-$105/hour CAD. Prices may vary dependent on each person's needs. Most people will need at least three one-hour sessions per topic.

Sessions can be in person in Victoria, BC, over the phone in Canada, or Zoom worldwide. 


Healthy Communication: Dependent on need, couples can come in for one hour sessions to share and practice tools on effective, supportive, healthy communication.

Self Pleasure: For years I have been supporting and encouraging women to understand, nourish, and develop their own sexual self pleasure.

Body Image: This process for people is sometimes is filled with guilt, shame, and lack of knowledge. This is a beautiful opportunity to untangle previous stories and release new feelings about oneself.

Desire & Honesty: Are you looking to connect deeper with your partner? Are you having a hard time being acknowledged in the way you desire? Do you have a hard time expressing yourself and being honest with your partner in the sexuality you want to discover inside yourself? I will be able to listen and cultivate a safe space for couples to talk about their honesty and desires. I will be able to suggest ways, techniques, workshops, and experiences that will guide you on your way to your honesty and desires.

Media & Porn Literacy: This is a hefty topic to take on and I encourage most folks to connect with me on how to develop critical thinking for positive living. So much of our lives, feelings, and beliefs are programmed to make us feel inadequate, let's start changing this lens we see ourselves and our world through. 

Sexual & Romantic Orientations: So, we grow up being told that we are heterosexual and heteroromantic. While this is definitely true for some folks, it truly doesn't capture us all. Come and learn about many different styles of relating to our needs and desires in a sexual and romantic sense. How can our sexual and romantic orientations differ and how do we build a bridge between them?

Consent: Consent is one of my favourite topics to work on both personally and professionally! With proper support, ideas, and skills having healthy consent can truly fill you with respect and pleasure. This will also spread into all aspects of your community and partnerships. 

Boundaries: Well, this is a tough one for us all to navigate through. I can share skills and resources on how to start creating healthy boundaries so that you can connect to yourself and others in a more intimate way. 

Non-Traditional Relationship Structures: More and more folks are finding authentic desire to connect in non-traditional ways of relationship. I would love to explore many possibilities for you on how you can structure your relationship(s) in the way that feels best for you. These could include: Polyamory, non-monogamy, relationship anarchy and open. 

These are some of the topics that I have supported individuals or partnerships with in the past. If you have other concerns or inspirations in your heart of hearts, please don't hesitating on expressing those to me and I'm sure we can figure out a plan of action!

*All of Tanille's sessions are talk and resource based, no physical touch will happen. All information shared is kept confidential unless you are going to harm yourself or another.  In that case Tanille will help you find further support that you need. 

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