Sexuality Salon Workshop Offerings 

Each workshop is designed to delve deep into a specific topic about healthy human sexuality for opportunities to learn, grow, and share about oneself. At workshops there will be a varied approach depending on the needs of the group. There could be a combination of these elements: group discussion, personal reflection, activities (group, partnered, or personal), media, worksheets, gentle body movement. Please connect with Tanille if you have any further questions or inspirations!

Workshop Offerings

Desire, Honesty, and Communication: Bring your curiosity and vulnerability! Explore how to understand your desires through honesty within yourself. Then once we tap into our desires, learn some skills on how to properly communicate these wishes to others. 

Romantic & Sexual Orientations: Come take a walk on the unconventional side of society relationship structures. Learn about the differences in Romantic and Sexual Orientations to connect deeper with yourself. Have you ever wondered if a person can be heterosexual and panromantic? How about sapiosexual and homoromantic? This fun workshop will delve into the meanings around these labels and how they relate to our actual relationships. Come try one some new labels with us!

Body Image: How do we get from a society that makes us feel inadequate about our bodies to a place of celebration?! In this workshop Tanille will take you on a journey of critical thinking, acceptance, and forward motion into celebration on the able, beautiful bodies we have.

Consent: Come learn the in-depths of what enthusiastic consent looks like. Consent on the dance floor all the way to a long term relationship. What does healthy consent feel like? How can we use it in a fun, sexy way? Come learn the spunky side of consent to have more meaningful connections in your life.

Cultivating Sex Positivity: Facilitated by Tanille Geib, we take honest steps to uncovering how we become more sex positive in a sex negative world. Through discussion, questions, and activities we can play with acknowledging fear and shame in a safe space. This workshop is designed to help you take steps to feeling more positive about sex, sexuality and your expression of self. 

Modern Dating: Join Tanille Geib in an exciting discussion around Modern Dating. How is Tinder treating you in Victoria? What is Grinder like these days? Have you tried the HER app? How about the old, meeting through friends dealio? Or just going out on the town? How do you approach meeting new people? This workshop will help you gain confidence to connect with folks in a more meaningful way.

Modern Dating 2.0: This workshop was requested by workshop participants. Let's get to the bottom of online dating through profile do's & do not's. Liven your interest in the vibrating world of connecting online. 

Vulnerability: In this workshop we explore the vulnerable. How does vulnerability show up in ourselves, relationships, and communities? How can vulnerability strengthen and deepen our connections? 
"The acceptance of risk while being authentic and open to connection."

Sexual Frustrations & Healing: The community has spoken! Tanille is offering a new workshop on how to work on our sexual frustrations so that we can connect deeply with ourselves and others. This will be an exciting and challenging workshop that asks a lot of vulnerability and courage. 

Creativity in Sexuality: As requested by the community, Tanille has designed a new workshop for connecting your inherent creativity to your desires and vast sexuality. This multi-sensory workshop will get you reflecting on your creative process and how it is linked to your sexual desires and practices. Come explore what kind of creativity you have to offer!

Healthy Relationships: Join us to be inspired on how to cultivate, understand, and nurture healthy relationships. We start from the beginning of what we were taught, what we believe now, and how we desire to go forward. A refreshing workshop on relationships, goals, desires, and to do's.

Self Pleasure: Most folks don't sit around a room chatting about pleasure, let alone self pleasure and sexuality. This is our opportunity to delve in deep to our inner desires, practices, and ideals. Get cozy with nourishing yourself! In this workshop we explore how pleasure, shame, comfort, history, society, habits, porn, and challenge come into our self pleasure rituals. Then we imagined on how we could expand ourselves further into pleasure. 

Media & Porn Literacy: This is a hefty topic to take on and I encourage most folks to connect with me on how to develop critical thinking for positive living. So much of our lives, feelings, and beliefs are programmed to make us feel inadequate, let's start changing this lens we see ourselves and our world through. 

Sex Health Intro: This workshop is designed for folks who are looking for a broad understanding of sexual health basics that include "safer" sex and communications around sex positivity. 

The Social Side of Sex: This workshop engages folks to look at the aspects of the social side of society narratives about sexual expression. This will look into building intimacy and sexual confidence, while critically analyzing porn sex versus real life sex. 

Community Partners Tanille has presented for (workshops & speaking engagements): Island Sexual Health, Karmik Vancouver, Karmik Victoria, Hop Studios, Crush Collective, Victoria Event Centre, Aids Vancouver IslandPeers Victoria, Oak Bay High School, Glenlyon Norfolk School, Victoria Native Friendship Centre, Anarchist Book Fair, Madimus Productions, Vancouver Island Sex Educator’s, VIPIRG, Reimagining Masculinities, & Filo Gallery in San Miguel De Allende, Mexico.  Thank you to all who support and engage with my work. I am honoured to serve our communities. 

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