Healthy Humans

Healthy Humans is a program that has been developed to encourage critical thinking for positive living. It focuses on developing healthy relationships within yourself, your community, and your romantic partnerships all through creative expression.

The first run through of this program has been funded through the Ministry of Justice for a high school in Victoria, BC. My coordinator and I have been hired to develop and execute these goals of the grant:

1)      Create an anti-violence program that takes steps towards ending gendered and sexualized violence.

2)      Develop community between students, teachers, and parents.

3)      Empower youth.

4)      Give students skills and tools for developing healthy relationships with themselves, their community, and their romantic partnerships.

5)      Share information, resources, and perspectives.

6)      Celebrate the human condition through expression, art, and drama.

7)      Critique and discuss society and media in our lives. 

We had partnered with two classes of Year Long Drama program's to implement this program. 

The Plan

I taught weekly workshops for ten weeks to tackle some of the topics that will help build a healthy human in our intense, fast paced society. These topics are: Vulnerability, Body Image, Communication & Honesty, Self Pleasure, Abuse, Boundaries & Consent, Gender Politics, Queer Gender & Orientation, Media & Porn Literacy, and Safety in Sexuality

I partnered with Cookie Bain of Intelligent Sexuality for the topic of Abuse.  We also brought in Ray Hsu to explore gender politics, performance and virtual reality along the way with the students. 

For the month of May 2016, I worked with the students daily to develop new plays (written, directed and performed) by the students. At the end of May, we invited students, classes, teachers, parents, and the community to showcase their pieces to promote connection and dialogue about truly important topics. 

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In Healthy Humanity,

Tanille Geib

At our community performance we raised over $300 for Island Sexual Health! Yay! 

At our community performance we raised over $300 for Island Sexual Health! Yay!