Published Works

Elephant Journal

These are a couple of articles in hope to reach a wider audience around positive sexuality and body image.

The Last Time I Had Sex

Won't you get Naked with Me? 

Corset Magazine

I have absolutely enjoyed the experience writing for Corset! Their topics are inspiring, sexy, and genuine. These are the issues I have been involved with and the corresponding articles I've contributed.

Issue 3, Oral Pleasure: Yogurt Cunt

Issue 4, Kink & BDSM: Submitting to Yourself

Issue 5, Masturbation: A Sex Positive Feminist takes a Statistics Class

Issue 6, Pornography versus Erotica: A Fine Line collaborated with Chena San Martin

Issue 7, Sex Around the World: Orgasms for Gaudi

Issue 8, Sex Toys: Saliva

Corset Website: