Love & Cooking, The Erotic Cookbook

Love & Cooking, The Erotic Cookbook, is a blend of creative non-fiction spiked with sexuality and cookery! Whether you’re looking for steamy recipes, sexy inspirations, or lusciously rich stories, you will discover this woman’s journey through visuals, storytelling, poetry, art, and food porn. Here is a surprising chance to look at your own sexuality, relationships, or cooking inspirations. Light some candles, put on your favourite tunes, and snuggle up with yourself or your favourite lover. 

Love & Cooking, The Erotic Cookbook was officially launched and published April 12, 2013. Since then Tanille has been to sexuality art shows, tea rooms, and special events selling her book and art. If you would like a copy for yourself you can purchase one here. If you would like to collaborate with Tanille around sexuality, writing, and expression, please connect with her here

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Written by: Tanille Geib // Designed by: Charles Ellery // Recipe & Erotic Photogrpahy by: Chena San Martin // Executive Editor: Virginia Dowdell // Copy Editing: Holly Sawchuk